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Do you know what the greatest satisfaction of creating this drawing was? Working the wings, the fluidity and the fragmented edges, letting them melt on the paper, dragging the charcoal and applying the eraser.

And I find this so satisfying because it's a perfect metaphor for what these animals are. Ephemeral beauty. Fragility. They are impressive, but fleeting in time and vulnerable. A contrast that forces us to place ourselves in the present every time we look at them, to look and think nothing else. It is not for nothing that in many traditions the encounter with them has been considered a symbol of good omen. 

They remind us to value what moves us, because it may soon disappear.


Charcoal and on paper.

65x50 cm.



This drawing arrives with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.




  • Technique: Charcoal on paper

    Size of the drawing: 65x50 cm 

    Year of production: 2017

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