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This portrait is a painted version of an earlier charcoal drawing. The drawing was simply called ‘Female Portrait’, but when it was turned into a painting, the title of the artwork was born on its own. 


I started to use those blues and greens as a base, a first layer on which to develop a more intricate painting, but, seeing the result of this first session, I felt the need to finish it. I simply added a few warm touches of yellow for contrast and finished it off. I loved that feeling of unfinished, sincere expressiveness. That's why the title ‘Blue Expression’ came quickly to my mind without me looking for it. You can even still see in the background the grid lines I used for the fitting of the proportions, and this is intentional, because they underline even more the spontaneous and raw character of this painting.


Oil on wood panel

60x60 cm.



This painting arrives with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.




    • Technique: Oil on wood panel

      Size of the painting: 60x60 cm 

      Year of production: 2017

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