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'El Umbral', The Threshold, was the first work I started for the Eden collection, and the last one I finished. It is a large format work in which the gaze can wander for long periods of time, finding new details each time. All the butterflies represented here have been photographed by me.

Heir in subject matter to my 2023 painting ‘El Jardín’, it nevertheless poses a completely different narrative. 'El Umbral' is the gateway between two worlds, it grounds the meaning of the whole collection on the question of beauty and concentrates the duality between the attraction for aesthetics and the danger that lies behind it. On a natural, abstract stage, different types of poisonous butterflies pass through, as a metaphor for shadow and light: the contrast between the opposing sides that live in each of us and in the world around us.


Oil on canvas

80x160 cm.



This painting arrives with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.




  • Technique: Oil on canvas

    Size of the painting: 80x160 cm 

    Year of production: 2024

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