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Normally I leave it up to the viewer to make sense of what they see in my paintings. But, in this case, the intention with which I painted this image is to be explained: between the animal and us, there are more things that unite us than we normally think. There is a link in our creation, an origin, we both want to live and we share the world.
So, I want you to be able to see yourself in the animal. Or that you are able to see the animal in you, as the title expresses.


Stand for a moment in front of it, and find the common areas. They are there, and irremediably we are united. We are part of the same whole.


Oil on canvas

72x108 cm



This painting arrives with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.




2.300,00 €Price
  • Technique: Oil on canvas

    Size of the painting: 72x108 cm. 

    Year of production: 2019

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