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Is it swimming, is it flying? Every single person who has seen this work has asked me that. Some have even seen a lost loved one arriving in a better place.


When, back in 2015, I painted the first work in this style, 'No todo es oscuridad', I did it only with the intention of playing. For me it was just a sketch that would never see the light. But, before I finished it, the title had already come to my mind, and I knew it had to be a final work. It was very instinctive. An artwork that I painted in only 2 hours, because the brush was ahead of me, it moved my hand. 


'Donde Queda Espacio' (Where remains space) is the large version of this idea, where I wanted to go a little deeper, to stop in the details and paint them thoroughly.


Now, what you see in it, what you create, is up to you. What you need to receive from it, is what it will give you.


Oil on canvas

100x100 cm.



This painting arrives with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.




  • Technique: Oil on canvas

    Size of the painting: 100x100 cm. 

    Year of production: 2017

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