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On a personal level, 'The Sanctuary' is one of the most important works of all my production. This work was born from the need to express one of the many emotions that motherhood stirred and generated in me.


Many people saw that tiger as a father, as an external protective figure. But no. Tiger and mother, in this painting, are one. The feline is a projection of her, of the aggressiveness and instinct that unfold to keep her world intact, unconcerned, while she cares for and nurses her baby, her cub. As if at that moment no one could or should touch her or try to trespass that intimate and reserved space.


Perhaps, the most difficult thing about this work was finding the right title.



Oil on canvas

81x130 cm.



This painting arrives with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.





    Technique: Oil on canvas

    Size of the painting: 81x130 cm 

    Size including the frame: 87x136 cm.

    Year of production: 2023

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